Lake Whatcom Triathlon - July 14th, 2018

posted Apr 19, 2018, 7:26 AM by Glenn Gervais

Olympic-distance triathlon in Bellingham, WA 

The Lake Whatcom Triathlon (LWT), an USAT sanctioned event that welcomes athletes and relay teams. 

1500-meter swim on Lake Whatcom,
40km bike ride along North Shore Drive and Y Road
10km run around the trails of Whatcom Falls Park

The transition area and start/finish lines at Bloedel Donovan Park. 

The event will draw beginner to elite athletes, in individual and relay divisions.
The race is expected to sell out so please register early to claim your spot on the starting line and to be eligible for all the great sponsor provided raffle prizes we'll be giving away throughout the registration period!

Be sure to join the Bellingham Triathlon Club as a paid member to get reserved transition spot in the tri club area!

Lake Whatcom Triathlon - July 15th, 2017

posted Nov 14, 2016, 9:55 AM by Marc Blake   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 10:06 AM ]

Olympic-distance triathlon in Bellingham, WA comes alive again with the Lake Whatcom Triathlon (LWT), an official timed event that welcomes athletes and relay teams. The race includes a 1500-meter swim on Lake Whatcom, 40km bike ride along North Shore Drive and Y Road, and a 10km run around the trails of Whatcom Falls Park, with the transition area and start/finish lines at Bloedel Donovan Park. The event will draw beginner to elite athletes, in individual and relay divisions.

The race is expected to sell out so please register early to claim your spot on the starting line and to be eligible for all the great sponsor provided raffle prizes we'll be giving away throughout the registration period!

Lake Whatcom Triathlon - July 23, 2016

posted Jul 23, 2016, 3:29 PM by Glenn Gervais   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 9:45 AM by Marc Blake ]

We had 5 club members turn out for a test event for a full Olympic distance triathlon on Lake Whatcom next summer! We did the full course and everyone had a great time, really enjoyed the run course through Whatcom Falls Park.

For you old timers, we kept mostly to the old Tri the Cookie swim and bike course, but we changed the run course to Whatcom Falls park and was really great to run on trails, past waterfalls, ponds and multiple views of the Whatcom Creek!

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on when registration opens for the Lake Whatcom Triathlon 2017 - You don't want to miss out on the pie! (Almost forgot to mention the BBQ and PIE! - SOOOO Good!)

Glenn0:30:070:02:471:23:360:00:300:23:502:20:50DQ: shortened run

May 2015 Newsletter

posted May 1, 2015, 6:30 AM by Glenn Gervais

Bellingham Tri Club - Newsletter May 1 

Thursday Night TT are going strong!
Whether you are training for the Ski to Sea, Padden Tri or something else, the 14.5 mile distance is a good workout and repeatable test. Test yourself, equipment choices or position changes.

Tri Club Gear!
We are going to order some shirts and water bottles with our Tri Club Logo
Please reply with your pre-order, do not send money until finalized and I will send you each an invoice for your order.

American Apparel Tri Blend T-shirts - $11.50 each
Available in Black or Heather Grey
Mens and Womens cuts and sizes.

New Balance short sleeve 100% poly tech - $15 each
Black shirts in Mens and Womens cuts

Specialized Purist Water Bottles
I need some votes here, 
Color: Yellow or Clear
Size: 22oz or 26oz
22 oz will be $8.20 per bottle.
26 oz will be $9.20 per bottle.
No mix or match, majority wins - price is determined on size.
This means you cannot order 2 22oz and 4 26 oz, if you want 6 bottles, order 6 and they will all be the same size.

This is all Pre-Order, if we don't get minimums we won't order, but the shirt minimum is 8, combined Tri Blend and Tech, so we should hit that. The water bottles sold in lots of 50, if we get close (45+), we will order, there is a price break if we go crazy and need to order 100, but then we could do 50 22oz and 50 26oz... Don't know what to do if we get orders for 75... Ideas? The final prices may be slightly different then quoted here, most likely less if we order more, but just send me your order with these prices in mind.

Send me your order by end of day Friday May 15
You have two weeks to get me your order, plenty of time, I'll tabulate over the weekend and let everyone who ordered if we got enough on Monday May 18 and will move forward from there, we will not be ordering extras, if you want something, pre-order it!

Recent Results

Tri Club Powerman Duathlon
Brent Hartwig
Glenn Gervais
Jeffrey Liebert
No results as we decided to run and ride mostly together, got hailed on and had to turn around due to road closed for PSE fixing power lines from the downed trees - yeah, pretty windy too.

Mount Rainier Duathlon
Brent Hartwig - 4th overall
Mary Doherty - 1st place AG
Kari Wright - 1st place AG
Judy Pratt - 1st place AG
Carol Beebe - 2nd place AG
Lora Olinger - 2nd place AG

Traveling to a Triathlon?
Let us know and I will try and include results in each newsletter!

September Newsletter

posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:38 AM by Glenn Gervais   [ updated Oct 1, 2014, 11:16 AM ]

Summer is over and the trails are a blanket of leaves for us to run and ride on, get out and enjoy them, do something different for the off season, try a cyclocross race, do some trail runs!

I try to keep our calendar up to date, so you can always goto 

Have an event that is not on the calendar? email me the details and I'll add it!

Nothing currently scheduled, but keep an eye out on our Facebook and Yahoo message boards for group activities and upcoming club meetings (I'll add them to the calendar too).

Recent Results

Lake Stevens Tri
Brent Detta - 2:10:29
Steven Wade - 2:21:35
Marti Riemer - 2:21:50

Black Diamond Half
Sean Hackney - 5:22:24
Jeff Nyman - Swim - 38:46

Black Diamond Oly
Brent Detta - 2:12:45 - First overall
Brent Hartwig - 2:16:28 - Second overall

Rusty Millsap - 5:46:10
Roxie Millsap - 7:15:03
Judy Pratt - 6:43:02
Carol Bebee - 6:34:50

Bellingham Traverse
Mary Doherty - Road
Jessica Rogers - Run, Road, Paddle
Rob Rogers - Mountain Bike, Paddle
Marc Blake - Solo
Ralph Weiche - Solo
Jon Mutchler - Run
Kari Wright - Road, Paddle
Pat Skaggs - Road
Chris Hughes - Road
Peter Cutbill - Run
Amy Olive - Road
Glenn Gervais - Road
Chris Zimmerman - Road

Portland Tri
Kyle Carrick - 1:43:51
Daryl Smith - 1:47:12

Bellingham Bay Marathon

August 2014 Newsletter

posted Sep 2, 2014, 9:35 AM by Glenn Gervais

That's it summer is over! No? Ok, still some triathlons and adventure races coming in September if you are up for one, let me know.

Lake Stevens - 6th
Seattle Escape from the Rock - 7th
Bellingham Waterfront 15K - 13th
Black Diamond Half - 13th
Black Diamond Oly/Sprint - 14th
Cultas Lake (Canada) - 14th
Leadman (Bend, OR) - 20th
Bellingham Traverse - 20th
Kirkland Tri - 21st
Portland Tri - 21st
San Juan Adventure Race - 27th
Methow Valley Off Road DU - 27th
Bellingham Bay Marathon - 28th

Looking to stay active and fit through till next year? Give Cyclocross a tri!
The local races are very low key, cheap ($25), ride any bike you have, and lots of fun for the whole family, C class for beginners and move up as you gain experience, the kids race is FREE and fun for the kids and parents. Local weekly (kinda coached) skills practice with mini race every Wednesday night at 6pm - Lake Padden ball fields - Free to try it, $5 if you keep coming back ($30 for season of practices).

Recent Results

Bellingham Youth
Claire Skaggs

Homemade Cookie Tri
Becky Skaggs - 2:11:51
Brent Detta - 2:15:40
Brent Hartwig - 2:22:17
Chad Calhoun - 2:46:37
Glenn Gervais - 2:10:03
Jeffrey Liebert - 3:25:19
Jon Mutchler - 2:59:40
Kyle Carrick - 2:26:00
Lydia Carrick - 2:33:56
Marc Blake - 2:32:00
Pat Skaggs - 2:11:50
Ralph Weiche - 2:00:57
Sean Hackney - 2:10:05
Steve VanderStaay - 2:16:01
Stowe Talbot - 2:16:01
Teigen Detta - 24:30

Lake Tye
Daryl Smith - 1:00:16
Jessica Rogers - 1:11:40

Lake Stevens 70.3
Amy Olive - 6:29:22
Michele Blumenshine - 5:21:03
David Larpenteur - 4:25:26
John Diefel - 5:35:12
Pat Skaggs - 5:39:13
Chris Zimmerman - 6:47:40
Michael Mallory - 6:06:36
Mary Doherty - 5:48:42
Stephanie Schuckman - 6:59:18

Apple Tri Kelowna
Teigen Detta - 29:18
Brent Detta - 2:12:59

Lake Meridian Tri
Rusty Millsap - 2:29:12
Roxie Millsap - 3:10:56
Judy Pratt - 2:57:50
Carol Beebe - 2:51:13

Bonney Lake Tri
Stowe Talbot - 2:11:06
Steve Vanderstaay - 2:12:55

Steve Braun Tri
Ralph Weiche - 1:42:09

July 2014 Newsletter

posted Jul 31, 2014, 7:41 PM by Glenn Gervais

Tri Club Homemade Cookie Triathlon
Olympic distance triathlon is coming soon - August 9th 7:00 am start
Lake Whatcom Swim
old Cookie Triathlon Bike course
Railroad Trail Run
Free for paid club members
Volunteers needed - Free cookies for volunteers (ok free for all who show up).
Email me (ggtriguy (at)  gmail (dot) com) if you can volunteer - I have the kayaks, but not the people to put in them.

Got Cyclocross?
With Tri season winding down, get your CX bike ready.
Wednesday night practices start Sept 3rd.
Email me if you are interested, have more questions or need a reminder when it gets closer.

Sponsor: BikeSport Bellingham
Get it and checkout their CX and MTB bikes for something different this offseason.
They do a weekly Thursday night free MTB demo

Recent Results

Squamish Tri
Amy Olive - 2:44:23 - Oly
Gina Crosswhite - 1:26:02 - Sprint

Clear Lake
Erik DeRoche - 1:16:29
Marti Riemer - 1:19:38
John Diefel - 1:22:32
Lisa Wayerski - 1:29:58
Chris Zimmerman - 1:43:12
Bryon 'Doc' Scott - 2:07:21
Al George - 2:09:01

Clear Lake Kids
Riis Weiche
Eleanor Petersen
Kyle Diefel
Jackson Rogers
Logan Rogers

Vancouver Tri
Brent Detta - 4:42:26 - 70.3
Kari Wright - 3:43:47 - Aquabike
David Larpenteur - 2:02:00 - Olympic

Joseph Giannetto - 5:04:50
Kristen McKenzie - 6:59:33
Amy Olive - 2:44:50
Brent Hartwig - 2:15:30
Jeremy Lemcke - 1:12:11
Kyle Duque - 1:12:52

Daivid Larpenteur - 1:50:31

Ironman Canada
Chris Hughes - 12:40:15
Sean Hackney - DNF
Steve Wade - DNF
From all reports a very tough day out there.

June 2014 Newsletter

posted Jun 30, 2014, 12:42 PM by Glenn Gervais

Lance did another great job with the Lake Padden Tri! The club had a BBQ and lots of food and everyone had a great time. Already planning this as an annual club party!

The next 'local' event is Clear Lake, if anyone wants to take my tent and the tri club banner and setup another club tent, let me know and I can get you the gear.

The next club race will be Saturday August 9th "Homemade Cookie Tri"
Olympic distance with swim in Lake Whatcom, it is a takeoff on the retired Cookie Tri.

We don't have a date for the next club meeting and being in the thick of race season, we might hold off till the fall.

Recent Results

Brent Detta - 5:07:40
Jon Ralston - 5:19:39
Duncan McBean - 5:29:02
Chris Hughes - 5:45:40
Courtney McBean - 5:53:54
Ralph Weiche - 6:33:34
Glenn Gervais - 7:16:36

Oliver Half Iron
Kip Wayerski - 5:04:49
Sean Hackney - 5:08:23
Jake Jarvis - 5:20:44
Lisa Wayerski - 5:41:23
Pat Skaggs - 5:48:34
Peter Cutbill - 6:21:08

Issaquah Tri
Stowe Talbot - 1:10:50
Steve VanderStaay - 1:12:43

Boise 70.3
David Larpenteur - 4:28:59
Kyle Carrick - 5:06:17
Michele Blumenshine - 5:24:10

Ironman Victoria 70.3
Brent Detta - 4:37:54
Chris Hughes - 4:44:34
Gina Crosswhite - 5:48:00

Lake Padden
So many that I'm sure I'd miss some

Ironman Coeur d'Alene
David Caranhan - 12:39:37
Duncan McBean - 12:28:17
Courtney McBean - 12:20:10
Lisa Wayerski - 13:41:00
Kip Wayerski - 11:29:05
Ralph Weiche 13:26:31
Peter Cutbill - 16:14:03
Mark Loreen - 11:44:39
Kristen Mason - 15:00:39
Chris Stacey - 12:07:17

May/June 2014 Newsletter

posted Jun 30, 2014, 12:30 PM by Glenn Gervais

Club Meeting
We had 24 people at the Club Meeting on April 21 at Bikesport to hear Erica Quam, what a great talk about being mentally prepared. Bikesport rolled out the red carpet and the basement meeting area was perfect.
Also announced at the meeting was that Kerry Gustafson from Prime Massage and Sports Medicine ( will be our guest speaker at the next meeting and teaching a hands on session, so plan to bring your foam roller, massage stick, trigger point balls and be prepared to learn some self massage techniques. 
The next meeting date has not been set yet.

Lake Padden TT's
Haven't had the best weather, but still had one great night with 12 riders. We still have a Triathlete on top of this years best times, but have heard that the roadies want that top spot!
Thursday night. 6:30 send offs.
Check the best times of 2014 on our website at

Lake Padden Tri
I am bringing my EZ popup tent and BBQ and am thinking that a club potluck would be lots of fun. More info as it gets closer to Padden Tri - June 28

Recent Results
NOTE: I know I'm probably missing some people and events so be sure to send me your results for the next newsletter.

Ironman California 70.3 - Oceanside
Gina C - 33/118 AG
Judy P - 4th AG

Mt. Rainier Dutahlon
Daryl S - 1st AG
Michele B - 2nd Female

Tri Club Powerman
10 club members beat the rain on April 5 at the club Powerman Duathlon!
2.6 mile Run, 14.8 mile Bike, 1.8 mile Run - Complete results on website at:
1:11:46 - Brent H
1:13:52 - Jon R
1:14:56 - Brent D
1:23:57 - Glenn G
1:23:57 - Stowe T
1:25:16 - Steve V
1:32:48 - Mary D
1:41:32 - Kirsten W
1:49:26 - Evan W
1:50:16 - Jacqui S

Club Race Communicator
Going to an event? Looking for a carpool? Training buddy?
Add your name (and event if not listed) to our Club Race Communicator

April 2014 Newsletter

posted Jun 30, 2014, 12:27 PM by Glenn Gervais

Lake Padden TT's
They start this Thursday night. 6:30 send offs.
Feel free to let everyone know.

Powerman Duathlon
This Saturday morning at Lake Padden. Come join the fun in the rain this weekend.
9:00 am start at the swim beach area. I've got bike racks, tent and food and water aid station.
No RSVP needed, but you do need to be a currently paid member of the club, forms at the event.

Tri Club Hats, Visors, Beanies
I extended the deadline to this Saturday to allow people to let me know what they want to order at the Duathlon

Club Meeting
Date: Monday April 21 6:30 - 8:00
Location: Bikesport Bellingham - So come early and checkout the new shop and use your 20% discount
Speaker: Coach Erica Quam! ( - Open Water Swimming and mental preparation.

Club Race Communicator
Going to an event? Looking for a carpool? Training buddy?
Add your name (and event if not listed) to our Club Race Communicator
We've got a good group headed to Wildflower

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